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Terms of Use

Welcome to the Website www.pelagia.org of the Birth of the Theotokos Monastery.
Through our Website you can make your electronic purchases in accordance with the following terms and preconditions, which we ask you to read carefully.

1. Purchasing Books

The use of the Website is conditional on the possibility of entering into agreements and/or of carrying out electronic transactions. The Customer acknowledges that electronic orders constitute an agreement and that he or she intends to be bound by and to pay for these agreements and transactions.

The Customer choses the book that he or she wants from the electronic shop and is directed by means of automatic instructions to place it in the ‘shopping cart’. From the ‘shopping cart’ the Customer choses those books that he or she wishes to order, and completes the required details (method of payment, shipping address, name of recipient, contact details etc.).

After carefully checking the order and the relevant details, the Customer gives the final command to place the order. At every stage of the above process there is an appropriate choice, as well an option for correcting errors before the order is placed.

The order is filed and is sent to the Customer in the form of an email confirming the receipt of the order. The Customer declares that all the information that he or she supplies while using the Website is correct and complete, and accepts the obligation to inform the Monastery of any possible change in this information. The Customer specifically agrees that the Monastery may store and use the information for processing the order. Also, the Monastery has the right to contact the user by telephone if necessary, in order to confirm the order or to request any other information.

2. Methods of Payment

VAT at the currently prevailing rate is included in the price shown beside each book. Customers outside Europe and business customers are not liable to pay VAT, and it will be deducted from the final amount payable.

Customers can choose to pay for books by using PayPal, by credit or debit card, or by electronic transfer (e-banking) into the National Bank of Greece account. Credit and debit cards issued by VISA and MASTERCARD are acceptable (there is also the possibility of paying by interest-free instalments. The maximum number of instalments is 36. The minimum instalment is 15 €). The Customer acknowledges that he or she is responsible for providing details of a valid credit or debit card, and for the prompt settlement of all charges. Until payment has been made in full, the books remain the property of the Monastery.

3. Delivery of Books

Orders registered on the Website will be delivered to the Customer as soon as possible, subject to availability. Prompt delivery will not be feasible in the case of events beyond our control (earthquakes, natural disasters, strikes etc.).

In order to avoid increased shipping costs, the order will be dispatched only when all the books ordered are available. Dispatch of only part of the order is possible if the Customer contacts the Monastery by telephone on +30 22610 35135, option 2, or by sending an email to [email protected].

PLEASE NOTE: On receipt of the order the Customer is obliged to check that the package is intact. Boxes that are damaged, torn or open ought not to be accepted under any circumstances.

4. Availability

If a book selected by the Customer is not available when the order is being processed, the Monastery accepts responsibility for informing the Customer promptly as to when the book will be available. If the Customer no longer wishes to purchase the book, he or she may request that it be replaced by another book of his or her chose of the same value, or that he or she be credited for the amount paid. The Customer should inform the Monastery of his or her preference by telephoning +30 22610 35135, option 2, or by emailing [email protected].

5. Shipping Costs

In Greece shipping costs are free for orders of a total cost exceeding 50.00 € for Retail customers and 100.00 € for Wholesale customers using the ACS courier service, which collaborates with the Monastery.

Outside Greece shipping is by ELTA (the Greek Postal Service), by DHL, by ACS Courier (ONLY for shipment to Europe and Cyprus) or UPS.

In the case of orders weighing more than 50 kg, by Freight Company, by agreement with the Monastery.

6. Return of Books

Books for dispatch are packed with exceptional care, and, according to our customers, they reach their destination in excellent condition.
Returns are accepted if one of the books in the order is faulty (i.e. if it is incorrectly printed). In this case, please return the book by ACS courier at the Monastery’s expense, if you are inside Greece, and by mail at the Monastery’s expense, if you are outside Greece, and we will replace it.
For all problems relating to a book that has been received, the Customer should contact the Monastery immediately by email on [email protected].

PLEASE NOTE: If the book is not returned to the Monastery within one month, the Monastery may not accept its return.

7. Limitation of Responsibility

The Monastery has no responsibility for indirect or direct damage or loss that may arise from inability to use the Website, or from any possible errors, interruptions, faults or delays in the functioning of the Website or in the transmission of information via the Website on the internet.

The Monastery supplies the content (e.g. information, names, photographs and images), the books and the services that are available via the Website exactly as they are. In particular, the images of the books on the Website may differ in intensity and colouring from the actual colours of the book, due to differing technical adjustments of the means of electronic imaging and display.

8. Copyright

The Monastery is the sole and exclusive holder of the copyright of the content and structure of the Website, except for specified exceptions.
The whole content of the Website, including trademarks, distinctive titles, logos, icons, graphics, photographs, sketches, texts, services provided and books, constitutes the property of the Monastery and is protected under the relevant provisions of Greek law (N.2121/1003, 2239/94 etc.), of European law, and of the relevant international agreements.

It is forbidden to make any copy, analogue or digital recording or mechanical reproduction of the content of the Website; to distribute, move, download, alter, or resell this content; to create a derivative business from it, or to mislead the public with regard to the actual provider of the Website. Any reproduction, republication, loading, communication, propagation or transmission, or any other use of whole or part of the content of the Website in any way or by any means for business or other purposes is permitted only following previous written permission from the Monastery.

The sale and delivery of the book to the Customer does not constitute in any circumstance the transfer or assignment of the right or permission to reproduce, alter, distribute, present to the public, hire out, translate, revise or modify it in any way, which is specifically forbidden without the prior written permission of the Monastery.

Any use of any part of the Website or of the books sold on it in violation of copyright is strictly forbidden and incurs civil and penal penalties, including possible fines.

9. Links

The Website contains links to other Websites. The provision of links does not imply approval of their content, and the Monastery does not bear any responsibility with regard to the availability or the content of these Websites, or for any loss or damage due to the use of their content. Users visit these Websites exclusively at their own risk.

10. Cookies

Like most Websites on the internet, this Website uses cookies in order that the user may be recognised and offered individualised services. Cookies are small text files that are saved on the hard disk of every visitor or user, and do not take information from any document or file on his or her computer. The visitor or user of the Website may adjust his or her server so that it either informs him or her of the use of cookies, or else does not allow the acceptance of cookies in any circumstance. If the visitor or user of these specific services and pages does not wish to use cookies to enable him or her to be recognised, he or she cannot make further use of these services.

11. Personal Data

The personal data of Customers is collected and used exclusively to process and acknowledge orders, to provide individualised services, and to extract statistical information, in accordance with the provisions of N.2472/97, as it applies at any given time, and the decisions of the Hellenic Data Protection Authority. The Customer has the right of access to all details that he or she has given to the Monastery (Article 12 N.2472/97) and to raise objections at any time to the processing of the data concerning him or her (Right of Objection, Article 13 N.2472/97). This data is not passed to third parties, with the exception of those businesses collaborating with the Monastery in order to complete and carry out the purchase and delivery of the book (banks, carriers etc.). The Customer acknowledges that, by proceeding to order books, he or she is giving specific consent to the storing and processing of his or her personal data by the Monastery for the above purposes. The Monastery has the right, without bearing any responsibility, to reveal any details and/or information concerning the Customer to the law enforcement agencies, to state officials, and/or to third parties, provided it considers that it is legitimately necessary or appropriate in order to enforce or verify compliance with any part of the present Agreement.

The Monastery may inform the Customer with regard to his or her order by email, telephone or by letter sent by conventional mail to his or her postal address.

For any questions, observations or remarks, and to exercise the right to object to the processing of data, contact can be made on telephone

+30 22610 35135, option 2, or by email to [email protected].

12. Security

For the protection of customers’ personal data for purchases using credit or debit cards, communication is transferred directly to the secure server of the National Bank of Greece with 128-bit encryption, without information being disclosed to or stored on the Monastery’s Website.

13. Jurisdiction

Any deviation from the present Agreement and the use of the Website is specified as falling within the jurisdiction of the Courts of Thiva in Greece. The Agreement is governed by Greek law.

14. General Terms for Business Transactions

a) The present Agreement as a whole constitutes the agreement between the Customer and the Monastery, and governs the use of the Website, superseding any previous agreement or contract.

b) The Monastery reserves the right to change the content Website at any time without prior notification.

c) Visitors to the Website commit themselves not to harm third parties by malicious use of the Website, and not to break into their personal data.

d) The visitor or Customer uses the Website exclusively at his or her own risk. We are not responsible for the malicious intervention of third parties.

e) Visiting the Website is conditional on the unreserved acceptance of the above conditions.


Since 1982 the nuns of the Birth of the Theotokos Monastery have been publishing the books of Metropolitan Hierotheos, the founder and spiritual father of the community, and distributing them throughout the world.


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