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ISBN: 9786185269128
Author: Metropolitan Hierotheos of Nafpaktos

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Τhe Feasts of the Mother of God

History and Theology of the Most Holy Theotokos

The book The Feasts of the Mother of God presents the theology and history of the feasts of the Mother of God, from her Conception until her glorious Dormition and her translation to heaven, in an Orthodox context. It draws on the Old and New Testaments, on the Church’s tradition, liturgical texts and iconography, and the writings of the holy Fathers and saints, both ancient and modern. The Feasts of the Mother of God is actually a theological biography of the Most Holy Mother of God, which looks at her role in the incarnation of the Lord Jesus Christ for our salvation.
Readers who love the Mother of God will find abundant inspiration in this book. It interprets Holy Scripture, analyses the church services for the Feasts and explores the works of the Fathers and more recent writers. It also sets out clearly the Orthodox theology of the Theotokos and Orthodox Christology.
 “We love her next after God. Christ is the mediator between us and God the Father, but the All-Holy Virgin is the mediator between us and Christ. How this comes about is a mystery understood by those who walk in the way of salvation…Those who strive for their salvation have the Theotokos standing beside them to help.”

The Feasts of the Mother of God includes icons taken from wall paintings at the Birth of the Theotokos Monastery.

This book is a unique combination of theology, history and tradition. Above all it is written with prayer. The author dedicates the book to the Mother of God, who “followed the writing of this present work in a mystical and wondrous way,” and he concludes the Preface with the following words: “I fervently beseech the Most Holy Mother of God to intercede both for the writer and the readers, that we may love her Son and find mercy. On behalf of readers as well, I entreat her in the words of St John of Damascus: ‘Kindle longing for your Son.’”

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Since 1982 the nuns of the Birth of the Theotokos Monastery have been publishing the books of Metropolitan Hierotheos, the founder and spiritual father of the community, and distributing them throughout the world.


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